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Lydkraft APS is a small

6 person company,

devoted to manufacturing


high quality tube based 

gear for serious 

professionals in the

audio industry.

Lydkraft is situated in
Rødovre, just outside Copenhagen, Denmark

Factory Pictures


Circuit boards ready for soldering



Circuit bords in the soldering mashine.



Loads of pot''s.



Susanne surrounded by CL1B''s and PE1C''s



Ragna, Susanne and Per.

Our hardworking and fantastic assembly and test crew.


TUBE-TECH President and Designer

John G. Petersen





TUBE-TECH Administration and Shipping

Ingrid Petersen



TUBE-TECH Production Control,Testing, Repair + WaveSoldering

Per A. Jensen



TUBE-TECH Production Assembly

Ragna L. Christensen



TUBE-TECH Production Assembly

Susanne P. Rasmussen




TUBE-TECH Factory Production Video

 Wave soldering, assembly and production crew at work.





Music for the video: "Exactely like you"

From The Living Room Recording Project.


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