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Trust your Tubes

TUBE-TECH Mission:


"It is our mission to ensure

the engineer has confidence

in his working tools and feels

comfortable working with them.

To achieve this, it is our job

to bring out the very best

in the tubes, as well as

continuously strive to offer

the professional

audio engineer

outboard equipment

of sublime quality–

both in terms of sound

and reliability."


John G. Petersen 

TUBE-TECH Chief designer.



Resolution Magazine

article about

John G Petersen:

Meet Your Maker



Article about TUBE-TECH

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TUBE-TECH address

Lydkraft Aps.       

Mose Allé 20.     

2610   Rødovre Denmark


The TUBE-TECH Factory is situated app. 6 Km from the centre of Copenhagen, Denmark


Contact: info@tube-tech.com



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