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Download a session

of the song "Touch Me"


The session is Pro Tools 9.

All audio files are clearly

named for easy import to

other DAW''s and contains

info about microphones, etc.

Check the Read Me file!


The session also features 

eq''ed and compressed tracks 

+ mix masters.   -  


All processing and mixing by

Jesper bo, TUBE-TECH.


Final Master" Touch me"


Danish Blue Wall Project

All TUBE-TECH Recording Session


The Ultimate Project Studio Recording session!


This session was recorded at our Danish Distributor, CYBERFARM''s office!

Not a real studio, but a demo room + surrounding office, warehouse and closets.

Julian Falch, drummer, sound engineer and producer came up with the idea of doing the recording


We liked the idea and the music of Singer/songwriter Nicolaj Funch very much, so the project became a reality.

Listen to two all TUBE/TECH mixes from the project:   Save Me  +  Touch Me

The Blue Wall Video

We recorded a small video during the setup

and the recording of the song "Save Me"

trying to give you an impression of the setup

and mood of the recording.

The soundtrack mix is  mixed all TUBE-TECH

by Jesper Bo at Jbo Studio.


High resolution Blue Wall Video 


The TUBE-TECH recording setup was extreme simple:

Instruments, microphones, mic.pre''s, converters!

No eq was used - Foldback was ONE mix for all musicians - Everything was recorded live - No repairs - Only very few dubs.



Blue Wall Statement from Singer / Songwriter Nicolai Funch


"The first thing that struck me after we had recorded the first 3 or 4 songs,

was that I was not worried at all about the sound or considering trying other preamps.

In the past I always used to be problems with things not sounding open enough, or I

felt that the vocal needed more or less compression. This was not the case here!!

I also felt that the playback after a take was incredibly honest.
Everybody in the band realized that it was incredibly easy to play dynamically

with these preamps, and this has been extremely important for this project.


When mixing, I was even more pleased with Tube-Tech! 

Very little mixing was needed for the tracks, and not so much compression as usual, because the sound of the original recording is so clear and transparent.

If you were to say that something sounds like Tube-Tech, it must be this album,

because here Tube-Tech delivers the clarity and warmth, most people are looking for.


After listening to the masters now nearly 100 times, I''m still not tired of the sound.
I constantly find new details that I want to listen closely to. Personally I can not see a better match to acoustic music than the Tube-Tech preamps, they have certainly helped to make this record the best experience and the best result for me to this date!"


Nicolai Funch

Copenhagen May 2011

Blue Wall Session Pictures



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