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TUBE-TECH Demo Artists



Mike Andersen

Project Studio recording.

Sessions and samples from several great tracks.



Electro Rock:

Carpark North

All TUBE-TECH recording

+Summing comparison:

SSA2B / SSL 9000



Heavy Metal:


Cool Heavy Metal Band from Denmark.

Edited Pro Tools Session from the song "Trench"



Acoustic Pop:

Nicolaj Funch  

"The Blue Wall" Recording project




Nightingale String Quartet 


for fantastic Classical Video



Powerful Soul:

Hawk "Real Thing"

Session with TT processed 

tracks and mix.



Fusion Funk:

Anders Kollerfors 

"TUBE-TECH in the House"

Track written and recorded

by Anders

The sound of  

High Quality

TUBE-TECH Gear works for all genres!

Demo Sessions

TUBE-TECH sessions for download!

The TUBE-TECH sound works equally well for all musical genres and sources.

From Heavy metal through folk and Jazz to Classical !!


Here you can check this yourself. 

Listen to the Sound of TUBE-TECH in your own Studio!!!


Download TUBE-TECH recordings, processings,

mixes and comparisons to your own DAW.


Session format: ProTools and LogicX.


For other DAW users it''s easy to import sound files from the audio folder.

All files are marked with name and info about the recording.

Most sessions features a Read Me text file, with detailed session info.


Sessions and Mixes:


Soul/Blues, Project Studio recording:

Mike Andersen Project. Read about the project, watch the videos and listen to the tracks. ( Link )


Electro Rock:

Carpark North "Everything Starts Again" All TUBE-TECH Recording (Session Download - all tracks from the song.))

Everything Starts Again TT Master  Audio - Mix and masters. Click to listen, Right click to download.

( This is a master with only very little treatment: Comp and EQ on vocals + Mixbus eq and Multiband.

Also included in the session above.)


Summing Comparison SSL9000/TUBE-TECH SSA2B "Everything Starts Again"  (Session Download - summing )


Rock / Funk/ Soul:

Hawk "Real Thing" Session with TUBE-TECH processed tracks and mix (Session Download)

Real Thing TT Master


Pop / Folk:

The Blue Wall Recording/Mixing Project ( Link )

Read about the Project, watch the Video and download the session


UK Indie pop recording:

IKO: Dazed and Confused. Recorded and mixed by Sean genockey. PT 48 Khz


Heavy Metal:

Phonomic "Trench" (Session Download )

All tracks except drums are TUBE-TECH PM1A recorded. Session includes full TUBE-TECH processed mix.

"Trench" Audio master   "Trench" Audio mix   ( Included in the session above.)


Fusion / Funk:

TUBE-TECH in the House. The TUBE-TECH fusion song by Anders Kollerfors ( Link )

Read about the Project and download the session



Nightingale String Quartet, Classical Video Soundtrack ( Link )

Read about the Project, watch the Video and download the sessions

Xuan Du, Solo Concert. (Link )

Xuan Du is a very talented violin player, based in London. Read about the concert recording and download the tracks.


Television Post production: ( Summing )

SSA2B Summing makes a clear difference for the mix of a very popular French Adventure Show  ( Link )

Read more and download the session. ( Use the link and scroll down to Selected User Statements.)


Special TUBE-TECH Processing:

TUBE-TECH Eq''s and Classic Channel Processing (Session Download)


TUBE-TECH Microphone preamp demo's:





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