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HLT2A Reviews

The very first HLT2A Review from German Internet Magazine BONEDO:



Last statement in the "Facit" part of the Review:


"The sound of the Tube-Tech HLT 2A is sensational! True enough, Eddie Van Halen nailed it when he said, ‘You can’t polish shit’, but any source with the slightest whiff of quality will sound better than before when processed through this machine…What I’ve accomplished here with two or three dB’s change, leaves me in grave doubt about the EQ’s that used to be my favorites…Whether or not I need the TUBE-TECH HLT 2A is no longer a question, because the sound is simply grandiose. The only issue is the necessary petty cash. So, off to the bank…”


Read the review.

( In German )

Resolution Magazine Review

October 2015:


" The HLT2A delivers what it promises in a smooth, coherent and unfussy manner. Other tools are available for fussing and fiddeling. This is a Rolls Royce of EQ's: an elegant solution for smoothly tilting things to suit the context and I'd love to have this in my recording chain all the time"

George Shilling





Conclusion from the rewiew:


"Except for cases of "frequency surgery" where you need to delete a pinpointed frequency without collateral damage, the HLT 2A is extremely versatile. In the mix, it can remedy a poor decision by retrieving voice presence and brightness without aggression. Thanks to the magical TUBE-TECH tube electronics, the vocal easily finds its place in the mix and truly blossoms in a way even the official plugins validated by the brand can only approximate."


Link to MWD ( Our French distributor's Blog.)



HLT2A, a New Approach to EQ'ing!

HLT2A - A New TUBE-TECH EQ! - HLT2AM Mastering version available now!

The TUBE-TECH HLT 2A is an all-new kind of Equalizer, combining High and Low shelving Eq plus Hi and Low cut filters with an innovative T filter “tilt” midrange Eq.
It's the first time this combination of filters has been designed in the analog domain.



HLT 2A is a stereo unit, featuring active low and high shelving EQ and a passive T-filter plus passive Hi/Lo cut filters.

The shelving EQ's are designed around a high gain tube amplifier, and the T- filter and Hi/Lo filters are passive filters placed after the active shelving EQ and before the output amplifier. All sections are supplied with a bypass switch.

The HLT2A furthermore features an overall bypass switch.


So how does it sound?

The TUBE-TECH HLT 2A marks a different approach to EQ'ing. It is a very powerful overall shaping EQ, yet extremely simple to operate.

To put it simply, the HLT2A will yield good results for basically any material and application, ranging from the demanding mastering engineer to the sound quality hungry project studio owner.
The combination of Hi and Lo shelf and Lo/Mid frequency T just creates a ton of very nice EQ shaping possibilities!


Mastering Version

A mastering version of the HLT2A with stepped pots and a smaller and more detailed range for the shelf and T- filter EQ is now shipping!


Go to the HLT2A Product page


NAMM 2016 TEC Awards Winner!  

TUBE-TECH US Distributor Brad Lunde Recieves the Award.











The New HLT2AM. Available NOW !


Here it is! The HLT2AM, that so many of you have been waiting for!

Production is starting now and the first units will soon be available for those of you who wants to be the first users! :-)

HLT2A Demo Video's

Here's a You Tube playlist featuring various HLT2A samples and settings


HLT2A Sound Demo's

Here's a Soundcloud playlist featuring various HLT2A samples

The samples can all be downloaded in WAW 44,1 Khz, 24 bit quality

More will come!












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