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Italian Top Engineer and TUBE-TECH

Marcello Spiridioni, The Italian Mastering Engineer of Reference

Marcello Spiridioni, mastering engineer at Forward Studios in Rome, was the
mastering engineer at the Italian RCA, and he has mastered records for some of the
greatest artists worldwide!
Marcello gave us this statement about TUBE-TECH:
"There aren't so much pieces of gear I think I couldn't work without, and certainly the Tube-Tech CL 1B and the PE 1C are on the top of the list.
There is almost no compressor I can think of that glues and smooth vocals like the CL 1B does; it makes it sit perfectly in the mix while still sounding so natural and even.
And when i need a very fat, rock-solid bottom end or a shimmering top end,
the PE 1C are absolutely my go-to equalizers.
Thank you Tube-Tech for making so nice and musical gear!!!"
All the best!!!
Marcello Spiridioni


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