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SSA2B Summing a Venue System

Summing for Live Sound

Here is James Towler, FOH and studio engineer for Steve Winwood. He's happy!  Why? Because he's summing his Digidesign Venue console in the analog domain, using the TUBE-TECH SSA2B Summing amp.


After listening to the TUBE-TECH SSA2B in the studio, James decided that the achieved improvement of sound quality using the summing amp should also be enjoyed by the thousands of people going out out to enjoy Steve Winwood and his band's live performances


James is using a very smart setup for his touring rig, integrating the TUBE-TECH SSA2B Summing Amp in his Venue System.

This setup was premiered at the autumn 2012 West American tour, and is now touring all over the world.


A BIG thanks to James for combining high quality TUBE-TECH analog mixing and modern digital live sound production!

James Towler inteviewed about his use of the SSA2B

James Towler talks about the sonic benefits using the SSA2B for summing a digital live system

Check how to set up a Venue System for analogue summing and studio foldback.



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