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We like to travel and demo the quality of TUBE-TECH + the crystal clear benefits of proper analog processing.


On this page we present a selection of the demo's, conferences and workshops, we have done during the last years.

The Hamburg Workshops November 2014

SAE Institute +   Konken Studios / Bungalow Bay, Bassel el Hallak Studio



Thanks to SAE Hamburg and Bassel El Hallak + Konken Studios for having us!!

Audio Days, Paris March 2014

The annual Paris event! 







Lots of people, serious listening and discussion about the TUBE-TECH demo at Audio Days!


Monday: Panel moderated by Robin Reumers with EveAnna Manley (Manley Labs), Jesper Bo Nielsen (Tube-Tech), Dave Hill (Crane Song / Dave Hill Designs), Leif Mases (Maselec) and Dave Collins (Dave Collins Mastering)



Musikmesse March 2014

Succesfull exibit and demo at Musikmesse 2014:



Always serious turning of knobs at our demo racks:















Jesper Bo talks about the TUBE-TECH units on display/demo

at Musikmesse 2014.

Recorded and edited by Sonic Vision TV.









ROCKATOWN, Stockholm,TUBE-TECH Day, December 16, 2013

A whole day with TUBE-TECH at ROCKATOWN, Stockholm.


Serious listening, testing and discussion about how well TUBE-TECH can fit into a modern computer based productionsetup.

A BIG Thank You to Mike and everybody from Rockatown for having us!



Munich Workshops, November 2013

November 4.2013, 6 PM

Dorian Gray Studios:

"Tips and Tricks for Mix and Mastering"


Invitation Nov.4


November 5. 2013 10 AM

Just Music, Munich

"Bring your Tracks

and get the 




Invitation Nov.5

TRIXX Studios Workshop, Berlin September 24, 2013

Great Workshop at the very nice TRIXX Studios, Berlin.














Musikmesse April 2013

Lots of action at Messe 2013.

We reintroduced our switchbox system to make it possible tyo select variable sources for demoing our three demoracks, 

featuring, A: Classich Channel. B: RM8 System. C: Stereo Compressors.

+ The new MP2A was introduced.




Drammen, Norway June 7 2012


Procom Music as  
Nedre Storgate 23, 3015 Drammen, Norway

Presented by Lydsystemer.

Thanks to Pocom
for having us!!
Very nice event!


Paris Marts 26+27 2012

Audio Days at Studio de la Grande Armee, Paris


Arranged by our French distributor, Audio Addict.


Conference on Mix treatment by Jesper Bo

Presentation of several TUBE-TECH units in the studio.

Two PUREMIX sessions, run by Fab Dupont, featuring recording and mix of the very talented Will Knox.

( The PUREMIX sessions also featured several TUBE-TECH units: MP1A, PE1C's and CL1B)


The sessions were sponsored by PUREMIX, AVID and Audio Addict.

Avid's video crew came out and video taped the whole thing.

The session audio files of the recording will is downloadable as well.


The Netherlands Marts 12+13 2012

TUBE-TECH Workshops at Legacy Studio


Two days of TUBE-TECH workshops at the very nice Legacy Studio.

Arranged by our Netherland distributor Maarten's Sound & Vision


Legacy studio amongst many other nice things owns a BIG collection of ORIGINAL classic gear.

It was nice to se several TUBE-TECH units in this very good company: CL1B's, LCA2B, SMC2B, MEC1A, MP1A.




New York February 25, 2012





TT setup for SMC2B demo at SAE NY         Allen Farmello Lecture,  Very cool!!!            SAE NY Logo


Thanks to everybody, who participated in the first SAE / AUG at various SAE institutes all over USA.   



Sonic Scoop articles about the AUG in NY

Allen Farmello article about Sonic Varnish.   Read this!! Very cool    




The event was arranged by: TRANSAUDIO GROUP

and: Sonic Scoop, SAE,NY + ALTO Music


Paris December 5+6+7 2011


AUDIO DAYS Studio +30,Paris + SAE Institute Paris


Audio Days by Audio Addict


TUBE-TECH conferences by Jesper Bo, TUBE-TECH   A: Mixing with EQ     B: Compression, can you hear it?


Read more       Listen to the conferences



December 7 2011:


SAE,Institute Paris.  Two TUBE-TECH workshops


Jesper Bo presented the whole TUBE-TECH story and the principles behing the Blue Gear.

After this lots of audio examples and mixing.




Germany November 25, 2011

Workshop at Vision Seven Media, Germany
 TUBE-TECH and Softube Workshop


Joe Webb La Fontaine (Producer and Sound Engineer)

Jesper Bo, TUBE-TECH
talked about high quality processing. 

London November 11+12 2011

TUBE-TECH at MPS,  Music Production Show, London


We were exibiting with our new UK distributor, Bigger Boat, Oliver Morley.


Several exiting sessions at the booth created a lot of attention: Freestyle Rap, Beatboxing and Xuan Du came out and played his fantastic violin. In 2012 we will do both Beatbox and Classical violin sessions available for download!



Crazy crowd for the TT Rap / Beatbox Sessions at MPS!



Lots of TT demo's and then Xuang came and played the most impressive violin!   Can't wait for the studio session!



Oslo November 1, 2011

Oslo / Norwegian TUBE-TECH Workshops, presented by Lydsystemer


This time we went up north to Oslo, to our Norwegian distributor:

Two workshops. November 1 2011:  Lyd-Systemer Showroom  www.lydsystemer.no

And the next day a little further north:

November 2 2011: Workshop at Lydmuren  www.lydmuren.no

Link to article about our workshop in MUSIKKPRAKSIS



London October 13+14 2011

TUBE-TECH at The London Drumshow


With our new UK distributor BiggerBoatDistribution, we provided a high end recording setup at the BiggerBoat booth.

A very nice drumkit from Tiki Drums was miked and recorded using all TUBE-TECH equipment.

A lot of drummers enjoyed playing with a veri pleasent monitor mix in the cans.


We also had the SMC2B improving the sound of the PA System in the auditorium.

PA rental Co APR Audio and engineer Nick Barrie enjoyed the improvement.


Various pictures from the the Bigger Boat Booth and the Auditorium at The London Drum Show 2011 



Skåne, Sweden October 6, 2011

TUBE-TECH Day at OLD Barn Studio, Sweden



Old Barn Studio is owned and run by pro drummer ,producer and engineer Anders Kollerfors   

Anders loves TUBE-TECH so  much that our Swedish distributor Ulf /Audio Dog has appointed

Old Barn TUBE-TECH dealer in the Skåne area.



The TUBE-TECH day featured recording with live band + overdubs+ mix, all Blue!


"The Swedish Blue Wall"


Pictures from the workshop.



November 29 + 30, 2010

TUBE-TECH Workshop Hungary and Vienna


Audiomonde / Peter Csillag, our distributor in Hungary and Austria, organised two nice workshops in November 2010: Budapest and Vienna.


29 November: Budapest:


Lots of attention to what happens, when you work "Out of the Box" with Serious Analogue Tube gear.

It was "Ear Candy" to hear the difference the SSA2B does to mixing+ what the eq's and SMC2B could add to the whole thing.




30 November: Vienna:


TUBE-TECH Demo at TSAMM demo room.




TUBE-TECH Celebration at Musikmesse 2010


2010 is Celebration Year for TUBE-TECH

We have been 25 Years in business,

and we are still representing  the ultimate

in studio outboard processors.



Listening to the gear is not enough anymore! The new trend is:   



Our German distributor Uwe Grundei, AUDIOWERK invented a whole new way of enjoying the blue tube gear.



Uwe presented a fantastic RM8 CAKE!!!!!   It tasted just as wonderful as the RM8 system sounds.






TUBE-TECH at SAE Alumini Berlin October 2009





Jesper Bo ready to demo the Tube-Tech units and show the difference high quality Tube gear makes.


The Demo studio packed with SAE students, wanting to hear the difference Tube-Tech makes in mixing


TUBE-TECH at SAE Alumini Berlin Germany 15 + 16 October 2009





"Real Sound Quality - Hear the Difference - Tips''n Tricks from TUBE-TECH"


Jesper Bo talked about the difference a Tube-Tech Summing Amp makes to an "In the Box" digital mix, and played some examples that seemed to be pretty convincing.



Want to hear more: Check our new flashplayer / SSA2B Summing amp.

TUBE-TECH at AUG in Los Angeles August 2009


Thanks to everybody, who joined 

Audio Underground Roadshow

at The Village Recorder in LA


It was great being at the Village demoing our stuff and talking about

how to keep audio quality up !

Don''t miss the next one!



See more pic''s at TAG\\\\\\''s Facebook profile


Se the video at Ronans recording Show

( TUBE-TECH Interview at 13:12 )





Check our site regularly to see if you will have a chance to participate in one of our events!


It is always a pleasure to travel and discuss fine Sound Quality.


A big Thank You!  to all our distributors and dealers + studios and engineering schools for having us!





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