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TUBE-TECH News Archive ( Older News )




Nashville: Dave Martin Cooks with the CL1B


At the 2011 Western Music Association's annual awards show, Carolyn Martin's "Cookin' With Carolyn" was named the 2011 Best Western Swing Album. TUBE-TECH CL1B's were used througout the production.





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Very unusual Classical music video from Nightingale String Quartet:

Dmitri Shostakovich
String Quartet No. 3 in F major, Op. 73, IV Adagio
"In memory of the dead"


Sound recording: Simon Brinkmann

Microphone Preamps and

Mixing Gear:  All TUBE-TECH


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TUBE-TECH RM Series Gaining Popularity in Danish Pop Production:


Production team, Providers for Medina, Danish Pop Diva, has just purchased an RM2 Rack, featuring the State of The Art PM1A Mic Pre.



We see more and more quality starving people investing in the TUBE-TECH RM series.

All over the world people realize that modular gear can be made without sacrificing quality.

Are you going to be the next owner of one of theese beauties?    Contact your local Distributor


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New CLASSIC CHANNEL + ME1B Midrange Plug in:


SOFTUBE has done it again!  The Classic Channel is released as a plugin.



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2010 / 2011:


New exiting TUBE-TECH recording projects:




INKERI VÄNSKÄ. Debut concert with Cph. Phil Orchestra.

Nightingale String Quartet: Recordings of Rued Langgaards 6 stringquartets.


Electro Rock:


Carpark North: Recording of new song featuring TUBE-TECH on all acoustic recordings.





Nicolai Func: Recording and Mixing  of new album. February 2011





Nashville session: Mark Hornsby ( TransAudio Group ) is recording two songs,

exclusively for TUBE-TECH.   February/ March 2011




All projects features TUBE-TECH Mic''pre''s for either all tracks or main tracks of the recordings.


From all sessions we''ll upload samples, pictures and information.

The samples will be used for upcomming TUBE-TECH demos on the website, on our distributor''s/dealer''s websites and for You Tube videos + for our workshops around the world.


Together with our older projects, theese new recordings give a very detailed picture of the TUBE-TECH Sound














Digital Birthday Celebration:



Softube and Tube-Tech partner up once again to release another Tube-Tech classic!




"By releasing a dead-on digital version of the PE 1C program equalizer we''d like to wish Tube-Tech a happy

25th birthday! The PE 1C is based on the very first Tube-Tech design made 25 years ago and today the PE 1C is a modern classic still in production, widely used and appreciated by those that seek that magic but elusive vintage Pultec sound."


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All thr gear at Daptone is analogue and all recording is on tape.  DAPTONE just simply got lots of soul!

TUBE-TECH plays an important role in the Daptone sound.

DAPTONE is both a studio and a record label.


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One of the very cool productions from DAPTONE


SHARON JONES & THE DAP KINGS. Album:  "I Learned it the Hard Way"


The album features both the "classic" eq''s PE1C and ME1B

+ Compressor LCA2B but especially the new RM modules.

(Sharon''s vocal has been recorded exclusively with RM modules.)


Listen to samples






TUBE-TECH Website Flash Player now in action:



The Flash player lets you compare tracks in bypass and processed, running in sync,

while you can see the settings on the unit. Sound is highest quality Mp3.


Please listen carefully!! + Use good speakers.  We DON''T do the classic trick of having all the processed tracks play much louder than the bypassed track,

just to trick your ears.


Check the sound of TUBE-TECH here:


CL1B     (Opto Compressor)  CL2A     (Two Channel Opto Compressor)  LCA2B   (Tube VCA Compressor)

CM1A    (RM Module Opto Compressor)  PE1C     (Passive Program EQ)  EQ1A     (Active Parametric Tube EQ)

SSA2B   (Summing Amp)  SMC2B  ( Multiband Compressor )


We are constantly working on new samples for the players, to let you in on the fine sound quality of all TUBE-TECH units.





TUBE-TECH Modular Rack RM2

TUBE-TECH RM2 is Here!


The New RM2 Rack is holding two of the powerful TUBE-TECH RM modules.


"Why doesn''t it fit into the 500 Series?"   People frequently ask.


This is because proper tube circuitry needs much more power, than the 500 series can deliver.

Using the limited power available in the 500 series, would lower the sound quality of the

TUBE-TECH modules.




But still there''s considerable savings when buying

for instance a RM2 fitted with two CM1A Compressors.

compared with buyung two CL1B''s


Check this with your local dealer!



Check the video from SOUND PURE

Jesper Bo gives the full story about the RM2

and the RM modules:


Mic Pre:  PM1A       EQ:   EM1A   Compressor:  CM1A



The high quality of the RM series has already been very well received.


Read the user statements.

Listen to RM modules settings from John O Mahony, Electric Lady NY

Download RM2 samples from TUBE-TECH Studio ( PT Session)


CL1B Plug-in goes NATIVE


The CL1B plug-in NATIVE for VST, AU and RTAS


Made by the only guys, who can do it right, Softube in Sweden, it''s time for:


CL1B NATIVE running on VST, AU and RTAS platforms.


We are happy to present the must musical and versatile plug-in compressor for all native users.


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TUBE-TECH Featured in Lars von Trier Movie


High End Opera Recording


ANTICHRIST controversiel film from

Danish Filmmaker Lars von Trier

features TUBE-TECH RM8 used for Critical Opera Recording


The RM8 System equipped with 8 PM1A Tube mic pre''s was used to record an Opera sequnce for tke movie soundtrack at the Kastel Church, Copenhagen.


The 5.1 recording was supported by TUBE-TECH and DPA microphones.

In charge of the recording was Engineer Kristian Eidnes Andersen.


Listen to this recording and many other TUBE-TECH samples by downloading

the session: 


Samples from TUBE-TECH Mic Pre Recordings

More TUBE-TECH sessions for download







TUBE-TECH Modular RM8 Released

TUBE-TECH goes modular with the RM 8 Rack


The TUBE-TECH RM8 Frame is a modular rack mount that can be configured with any combination of up to eight separate

tube-based modules in a single powerful package. The modular building blocks consists of the

PM 1A microphone / DI preamplifier, the EM 1A program Equalizer Module and the CM 1A Compressor Module.


Pristine sound quality has been a must in the development of the RM8 modules:

PM1A, EM1A and CM1A


The result is clarity, transparancy and warmth at a fraction of the space normally needed.

In fact RM8 is an upgrade of the well known TUBE-TECH sound qualty.

The RM8 System will add extreme high-end quality to all types of recordings, mixing and sound reinforcement.




John G. Petersen about the RM8     MIX TV  AES San Fransisco 2008        Sonic State News RM8

Finally a TUBE-TECH Plug-in



After years of consideration, we decided that the time to introduce a plug-in of one of our TUBE-TECH units. 


The development of the new plug-in was initialized in November 2006, as a collaboration between Lydkraft, Softube and TC-electronic, with the later handling sale and support and Softube writing the software.

We have done very serious final testing of the CL1B plug-in and found it worthy of being part of the TUBE-TECH brand.

Now available in TDM and Powercore formats. VST and Audio Units versions are being planned.





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