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The sound of World Class Mic Pre's

The TUBE-TECH Microphone Preamps/DI's







TUBE-TECH PM1A modular



These two new TUBE-TECH preamps is placing themselves in the upper range amongst

the world's best Mic Pre / DI's 

Very full and transparent sounding, dynamic, quiet, with that TUBE-TECH flavor

so many engineers, producers and artists love so much.






Living Room All TUBE-TECH Recording Project turns int big investment in TUBE-TECH Gear!

In 2008 Jesper Bo, TUBE-TECH recorded a nice trio, Skipper, Just, Frost in a living room, using six top quality mics and all TUBE-TECH equipment, featuring the RMseries mic Pre's, eq's and compressors + summing amp SSA2B.  Everything was recorded direct to to 1/4" tape.


The sound of theese recordings were hard not to like, and Esben Just, piano player 

and singer, finally decided to invest in a ton of TUBE-TECH and turn the room into

a recording studio for his new label, MASTERTRACKS.



Check out the full story on the Living Room Rcording Project







"Blue Wall" Recording Project

The Ultimate Home Studio Recording session!

This session was recorded at our Danish Distributor, CYBERFARM''s office!
Not a real studio, but a demo room + surrounding office, warehouse and closets.


The TUBE-TECH recording setup was extreme simple:

Instruments- microphones,-mic.pre''s- converters - DAW ( Pro Tools )
No eq was used.
Foldback was ONE mix for all musicians.
Everything was recorded live.
No repairs.
Only very few dubs.


This works only with the very best mic pre's.

Check it out

TUBE-TECH Mic Pre's for Classical music


Nightingale String Quartet recorded exclusively with TUNE-TECH Mic pre's.


The Danish string quartet recorded RUED LANGGAARD   String Quartets Vol. 1 

in 2012 and also recorded the soundtrack for their own very unusual video,

featuring Dmitri Shostakovich String Quartet No. 3 in F major, Op. 73, IV Adagio

"In Memory of the Dead"


Read more








UK top violin player Xuan Du recorded exclusivly with TUBE-TECH Preamps,

featuring the new MP2A on the violin


Read more




First Danish Production recorded exclusively with RM8

Danish acoustic trio "TRIO KLEZMER"

goes crazy about the quality of the recordings for a new album using

exclusively the TUBE-TECH RM8 

modular system




Read more










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