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Selected CL1B Users

Selected CL1B artist users

Hip Hop/Rap:

Snoop Dogg


Kayne West





Justin Bieber


Classic Rock/Pop:

Mick Jagger

Stevie Wonder

Bill Gibbons


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CL1B's in Famous Studios


Muscle Soals Rack, featuring 4 CL1B's !


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CL1B Downloads

CL1B as part of The Classic Channel

CL1B Magazine links and quotes

Attack Magazine article about Top 20 best compressors ever made:

"It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking the CL1B isn’t doing much – even when pushed hard. But that, in many ways, is its understated beauty, as well as its winning character trait. And it’s why many premier league producers and engineers claim it’s the single piece of outboard they couldn’t live without."

"Very good tube compressor.
Add warmth to any source.
Amazing on vocals"

Harmony Central

"The original Danish-made
Lydkraft Tube-tech CL 1B
hardware compressor
is my favorite
--great for vocals,
bass guitar or anything
because of its super-clean,
un-colored sound
and solid natural operation"

From review of CL1B native Plug in

Barry Rudolph

Is CL1B worth it for vocals?

3D Audio Forum


Gearslutz Thread with lots of CL1B info


Gearslutz Thread 2 with lots of CL1B info

CL 1B Opto Compressor

CL1B Description

CL1B: The Industry Standard Vocal Compressor!

The TUBE-TECH CL 1B is an all-tube optical mono compressor.

It delivers a very musical and smooth compression, preserving the clarity of the source even at extreme settings,

and this is where CL 1B really stands out compared to other compressors.

Furthermore, the operation is very intuitive, enabling you to achieve your goal achieve your goal quickly and easily.

CL1B is by far the most popular TUBE-TECH unit, and this is not without a reason:

For vocals and instruments like guitar bass and keys (regardless of musical genre) the CL1B delivers extremely musical and smooth compression, just what's needed to make the track fit into your mix without any muddiness or distortion, even at very extreme settings.


The CL1B is VERY easy to use; just dial in what you need! You'll hear and feel the action immediately and don't have to doubt whether the setting works, it's always obvious.


With thousands of units sold, the CL 1B is by far the most successful TUBE-TECH device to date, and its distinctive sound can be heard on countless legendary recordings.


The number of hit records featuring the CL1B is countless and the rule is that the majority of all top singers and musicians demands the CL1B for their recordings regardless of the genre they perform. As an example, it's e well known secret that all the big Hip Hop / Rap stars depend heavily on the CL1B for their vocal performance.


Kayne West and CL1B

Kanye West performs only with CL1B


TUBE-TECH used exclusively for all Kanye West vocals on new album "Yeesus"

The dynamics processor that has been used for Kanye's vocals throughout the recording as well as for all his live performances is of course Tube-Tech CL-1B.


We are very pleased to have an artist of this importance on our users list - and much more so because Mr. West normally doesn't want to have his name connected to any specific piece of gear. In this case, however, he has agreed, and, in all modesty, we see that as a very important recognition of the Tube-Tech sound.








Kanye West’s personal sound engineer is Noah Goldstein, who got the gig only 6 years after graduating from Temple University in Philadelphia, working in Electric Lady Studios with artists such as Arcade Fire, Steve Earle, Katy Perry and Danish act Kashmir in the meantime. Noah is responsible for all vocal recordings and for organizing all tracks on the new album as well as for live use. 

Interview Noah Goldstein 2013

Genius Credit list for "Yeesus"










Jesper Bo and Noah Goldstein at the TUBE-TECH demo rack at Audio Days 2012.

CL1B Controls and Features











CL1B Sound and Controls Demo

In this video Jesper Bo uses his own voice to demo the action of the CL1B.

The video is pretty raw and simple, just to give you a quick feeling of 

the capacity of the CL1B.









CL1B Sound Demo's from JBoStudio

Here's some of our CL1B Sound Demo's:












Unfortunately we don't yet have a cool rap vocal for demoing the CL1B, but you can hear it in action on nearly every single top Rap artist record today! :-)


Check more CL1B Sound Demo's   There's many more interesting demo's!


Links to the HI Res Video/Sound files:


CL1B Bass DI.mov



CL1B Flash Player Demo's

Tracks : Examples :
Male Vocal A
Male Vocal B
Female Vocal
Male Voice
Acoustic Guitar
Bass A
Bass B


CLB User/Dealer Video's

This video uses a drumtrack -

Not the best use of a CL1B,

but using slow attack it works pretty good! 



CL1B Selected User Statements


Josh Gudwin - Engineer and Mixer currently residing in Los Angeles. 

Kuk Harrell - 4 time Grammy Award Winner.  Vocal Producer, Songwriter & Engineer.


"For the last 2 years, ( 2012-2011 ) I've been working with 4 time Grammy Award Winner Kuk Harrell who is today's most in demand Vocal Producer.

Together, we've cut hundreds of records with a who's who list of clients to include: Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Mary J Blige, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson & Lionel Richie.

Out of All these Sessions, I can say with truth and honesty, that each and every one of these vocals passed thru a Cl1B before reaching Pro Tools.  I find that the CL1B has the most flexibility, transparency and functionality out of any compressor on the market.
Wrapping up last year (2010), Kuk and I flew out to Stratford, Canada to wrap up the loose ends on Justin''s ''Never Say Never'' blockbuster.  Along with a 1081& my Rosetta 200, I also  lugged along a CL1B! I never record vocals without it!!

I wanted you to be aware of my love for the CL1B and to share that it''s being used on today's Top40 artists on a daily basis!

We are currently working with Justin Bieber & Rihanna.  You better believe those vocals are passing through your compressor!"


Check The Sugawugamusic website!



Colin Heldt Dark Horse Recording Franklin, TN

"We have two of the Tube-Tech CL1B's here and use them in nearly every session. They are unbeatable on Vocals. I also love them on Acoustic Guitar and Piano. "





Fred Remmert Cedar Creek Recording, Austin Texas


" I've been recording and mixing music here in beautiful "A" town for 25 years now. I've done all kinds of music, and even some post production film soundtrack stuff.

I've seen a lot of changes in equipment and technology.

I have always tried to limit my audio purchases to items that would stand the test of time, as opposed to just buying whatever is newest and coolest.


The tube-tech CL-1 compressor is one of the best examples of that philosophy!


I have had my 2 CL-1B''s since 1998, and I have used them virtually every day since then. They are a very important part of the day to day operations of my studio. I have used them on everything from acoustic instruments to vocals, and even as 2 mix compressors from time to time. I can't imagine doing a session without  "





Jess Jackson Producer / Songwriter From London UK and in L.A. for 7 years now.


"Just wanted to let you know that I ONLY use the CL1B as my compressor when tracking vocals.


I am just wrapping up his album at the moment which consists of 14 tracks in which feature Lil Wayne, The Game, Mario, Lloyd, Drake, Snoop Dogg, Pharrell, J-Cole, Chris Brown etc.


The only compressor I have used is the CL1B for tracking all of the above artists.

I love the sound in which the CL1B gives me and is a perfect match for that vocal chain.


I also just received a platinum plaque for the songs i produced on U.K.'s Peter Andre "Revelation" album.

I recorded the entire album at Will Smiths Boom Boom Room studio's and again only used the CL1B for every song on the record.   


 I'm a massive fan of your work"



Peter Iversen  PUK Studio Denmark.


"When we talk vocals; if I were sent out on a desert island,

I would not not do without my Tube Tech CL1B compressor!


I think it is the best all-around "King of compressors" ever made!!.


It always sounds great. "




CL1B Technical Features

  • Unique, low-distortion optical gain reduction element
  • All-tube based push-pull amplifier
  • Frequency response @ -3 dB: 5 Hz to 25 kHz
  • Low noise: < -75 dBU @ 30 dB gain
  • CMRR: > 60 dB @ 10 kHz
  • Variable ratio from 2:1 to 10:1
  • Continuously variable attack and release times
  • Output gain: Off to +30 dBU
  • Variable threshold: Off to -40 dBU
  • Input impedance: 600Ω
  • Interconnection of several compressors via two busses
  • VU meter shows input, compression or output
  • Clickless In/Out switch
  • Conductive plastic potentiometers
  • Input and output are transformer balanced and fully floating

CL1B Technical Description

The TUBE-TECH CL 1B Compressor is an optical, all tube based compressor.

The unit features a gain-reduction element, positioned immediately after the input transformer. It is controlled by the sidechain amplifier, which also contain the two time control circuits – one for fixed and one for variable Attack/Release. The two time-controllers can either be used separately or combined. This circuit contains semiconductor OP-amps for the entire control.A dedicated Bus selector with three positions (Off, Bus 1, Bus 2) is used whenever you want to link several compressors together.

The gain-reduction element is followed by a tube-based push-pull amplifier with variable gain up to 30 dB.  Input and output transformers have a static-screen between the primary and secondary wirings. Both Input and Output are balanced as well as fully floating.

FAQ: Opto Compressors CL 1A and CL 1B difference

The circuit and functions are exactly the same. The amplifier section in the CL 1A is hardwired.


In the CL 1B the transformers and the tubes are placed inside the unit on a printed circuit board .

The control circuit is on a PCB in both units.


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