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U2 Engineer/Producer Richard Rainey and TUBE-TECH RM8

High End Recording Setup Featuring 3 Racks of TUBE-TECH RM8 modules


Richard Rainey is from Ireland, but recently based in London,

where he''s working base is Metropolis Studios.


Richard has done loads of work for U2. He won 3 Grammys,from his work with the band,and he is the first to get credit on the new U2 Cd "No Line on the Horizon", where he engineered most ot the tracks.


This production with GRAND AVENUE was his second as producer for the band.

The tracks has been mixed in Metropolis during June 2009 by Richard and David Bascombe.


Richard requested High End gear for the recording at Little Eden Studio, owned by Danish band Sabya

and TUBE-TECH supplied three RM8 Racks equipped with a variety of modules.

Richard and CRAND AVENUE have been extremely pleased with the performance of the RM8 System.


"The tracks needed very little or no treatment at all in the mix. Especially the guitar tracks was very easy to fit into the mix. The RM modules really make a difference."





Richard talks about having a good working setup, using the RM8 modular series.





Richard Rainey links:

Record Production.Com

( Including Exclusive video interview )

Duncan Management Discography










Richard Rainey Recording Setup for

Grand Avenue


Including the Low End Trick for guitars.



Music for the Richard Rainey videos

is borrowed from 


"The Outside"

Produced in 2007 by Richard Rainey.







Hip Hop Tips''n Tricks from Vagn Luv

Hip Hop, Urban, Rap and Dance Producer Engineer and Composer Vagn Luv, Copenhagen


Vagn reveals some of his advanced production tricks for Keyboards and Drums.

We did the interviews with Vagn in his Studio, TOPHUND, Copenhagen.


Non linked compression of stereo Softsynts



TUBE-TECH RM8 system

Opto Tube Compressor CM1A














Drumcompression tricks

for Hip Hop and Urban drumsamples.


Featuring again:


Opto Tube compressor CM1A













  Multiband Vocal Recording


Multiband Compressor















SMC2B tupdates mix of Danish X-FACTOR Show to another level


Mastercompression and Vocalcompression



Makes a big Difference in an all Digital Production Environment.


Chief Engineer Ossian Ryner decided to use the

TUBE-TECH multiband compressor SMC2B

as the main mix compressor

+ TUBE-TECH "Classics" CL1B

on the lead vocals for the Danish version of the Worldwide Talent Show: X-Factor.

The show was mixed on an SSL C200 digital console, with sweet analogue help

from the Tube-Tech''s.







"The SMC2B has improved the overall sound of the production by a rather big percentage"

States Ossian Ryner, who had the SMC2B for testing.











Production of the show took place at DR Byen Copenhagen, an all new all digital National TV and Radio production unit.




































                  Production pictures


TUBE TECH trick for Dance softkeys by Philip Dirix, Belgium

Philip Dirix

Studio Belvedere 

I produce most of the recent popular dance tracks, and i do a lot of  vocal recordings for other dance producers. 

I use The MP1A and 2 x Cl 1Band 2 x PE1C.
This is my perfect channel(stereo). 

At this time; I have sold al my

analog synth and keyboards.

Today I only use softsynths.


The trick is, that  most of the time I run all my synth through my TUBE-TECH channel. And then i record them 

This works better for me than al the analog synths,

and i have perfect control of the sound. 

With my TUBE-TECH setup I recorded artists artist like:

Shaggy, Kate ryan, Samantha Cole, Anita Dot (2 unlimited) , Jessie (Mc Kenzy) , Shamrock (T-Spoon)........

I''m also using the TUBE-TECH channel (stereo) for mastering my tracks.

''I''ve been in LOVE with TUBE-TECH for many years now.''




Mixing with the PM1A Mic.Pre.

Søren Balsner

Producer + Bassplayer and Composer in Danish


talks about:

Mixing tricks using the RM8 system













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